“I consider myself a Designer, Illustrator and Maker all at once.”

Always learning new techniques to create better results, regardless of the product. This can be a physical product, a new concept or idea or just something fun that needs to be realised.

Personally, I like the Ideation & Concept stage of the design process best. These stages in the process allow for so much creativity, identify the viability of an idea and determines such a large portion of the final product.

During my study Industrial Design Engineering at the TU-Delft I focused on the visualization of ideas and concept designs. This helped me to communicate and capture ideas in a visual manner on a professional level. Due to both my study in the field of product design & engineering and my personal curiosity, I always feel the desire to solve problems and to improve existing solutions. Not only on a visual level, but also in the form of physical or digital products that solve problems or support people in any possible way.

In my spare time I enjoys creating new things. From products and artistic expressions to good quality food to enjoy with friends.