Basics for Product Sketching

Are you dreaming of becoming a great product designer or a renowned architect, but are you having troubles communicating your ideas visually?

Or are you just finding ways to increase your drawing skills?

In my 5-week online course, Basics for Product Sketching, I can help you to understand the key theories and techniques for product sketching. Developing skills requires practice! Therefor we will go through a variety of exercises increasing in difficulty.

Hosting my course in Sketchdrive enables me to provide personal visual feedback on your drawings, you can share your work and learn from other students.

So what will you get?

  • 5-week professional sketching course
  • Visual feedback on your work from me personally
  • Access to the sketches and feedback of other students
  • Access to all relevant sketching tutorials at any time and anywhere
  • Hardcopy sketching theory book ‘Visual Communication – Building Blocks for Product Sketches’ (also available in Dutch)

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